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Judd Trump makes final decision on offer from rival tour that will 'please' mum and dad

Judd Trump has revealed he has turned down an approach from a rival tour. The 2019 world champion, 34, immediately dismissed talks and says legacy from winning on the World Snooker Tour trumps the temptation of a LIV-style breakaway circuit.

It is understood that players have been privately sounded out by Far-East investors to jump ship with offers of around £350,000 on the table for potential rebels. Seven-time world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan is committed to WST for the next three years after striking a multi-million-pound deal with oil-rich Saudi Arabia.

And dismissive world No.2 Trump, who has won over £1million on the professional tour this season, said: “I tried to keep myself away from that. If anyone tries to contact me or my brother I just tell them to go away. I’m not interested one bit at this moment.

“I feel like now I’m in my prime I wouldn’t…if I was at the end of my career maybe it would be different, but I don’t want to be wasting my prime away on exhibition games. I’m very happy where I am. I need something with history, heritage and those kind of venues. I need something to play for.

“I don’t think I would really get out of bed for an exhibition series. I want the biggest challenges. For me it’s about the titles. I’d be a lot happier winning my money rather than getting gifted it and feel a real sense of achievement. I think that’s something my mum and dad would want as well.”

Trump saw off Tom Ford 13-7 to reach a 10th Crucible quarter-final. And he added: “I don’t think there’s any real worry, I don’t think there’s enough players or enough names that could do damage.

“I think Ronnie is the only one if he left, but to be honest I don’t think people are that bothered by anyone else.

“So I feel like what I’ve established in the game alongside Ronnie, if I’m staying here then the tour will be a strong place.”


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