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John McEnroe makes instant Nick Kyrgios dig after rocking up late for BBC duty

John McEnroe rocked up late for his BBC punditry duty ahead of Novak Djokovic’s fourth-round clash with Holger Rune at Wimbledon. The American joined Nick Kyrgios and Clare Balding inside Centre Court and was instantly called out.

“Everybody thinks that Nick Kyrgios would have been late but it was the big fella here. Where have you been?” Kyrgios said as McEnroe walked onto the set.

“I’m not late, I was right there,” McEnroe responded, pointing to a box in the stand. “I love your sense of humour.”

McEnroe then fired straight back at Kyrgios, who was wearing a long black trench coat, despite it being peak summer time in London.

Most BBC pundits wear smart clothes during their time on screen, but Kyrgios opted for a puffer coat and snapback.

“You’re so dressed up,” McEnroe said sarcastically. “Give me a break he’s cold come on.

“When are you going to step up and get dressed up. You’re a good looking guy.”

Kyrgios replied: “Thank you, I don’t get many compliments.”

McEnroe continued: “You are. When are you going to dress up and wear a suit.”

And Kyrgios said: “Sometimes, maybe for the final, let’s see.”

Kyrgios and McEnroe headed straight to the commentary booth after their pre-match analysis.

And they were set to watch a tight match between two players who know each other very well.

“I actually get along very well with him,” Djokovic said of Rune. “He’s a very nice guy. Always has been to me and to my team, and vice versa. I always try to be available to him for any practice or advice or guidance or anything like that.

“I remember him since he was quite young. He appeared I think in south of France, Monaco, where I was based, been training. He was in Mouratoglou. We trained a lot on different surfaces, spent some time.

“His mother, his sister, they all been quite nice to us. I like our relationship. I think we get along very well. We respect each other. I think we have quite similar styles of tennis.

“But when it comes to playing on the court and competing, obviously we both have that fire. I’m sure that on Monday we’ll see a lot of fireworks on the court. He’s a spectacular player, no doubt. He loves the big stage, loves playing on grass. I think he’s very, very tricky opponent.

“It’s going to take my best tennis to win.”


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