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John Corbett expresses regret about pursuing acting as a profession

John Corbett of “Sex and the City” and “Northern Exposure” fame has some regrets about his life choice to be an actor.

His second thoughts came amid a career lookback on the “Fly on the Wall” podcast hosted by comedians Dana Carvey and David Spade. The “And Just Like That” star lamented TV acting’s lack of collaboration with writers and others involved in the creative process.

“Look, I’m in the fourth quarter of the football game now, in life and in showbiz,” Corbett told the comedy duo. “It’s just a fact. So I can reveal now I picked the f—ing  wrong thing to do with my life.”

He also acknowledged his career’s many benefits, while decrying the overall lack of creativity involved in his roles as a “second and third banana” on most projects.

“I’ve made a lot of money. I live in a beautiful home. People come to me at every restaurant I go in. I’m a friend of the world,” Corbett acknowledged, without commenting on his current role as Carrie Bradshaw’s newly revived love interest in “AJLC.”

“But as far as a fulfilling creative work life, I didn’t write one f—ing line,” he said. “I didn’t write one joke to make people laugh. So it’s been unfulfilling on that level.”

The 63-year-old Corbett, also known for star turns in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and its sequels, said if he could do it all again he might have chosen something behind the scenes like screenwriting or producing. But being on a movie set waiting to be told what to do, without any input into the creative process, has been tedious for the actor.

“I’ve made friends with the idea of, this is just what I do,” he told The New York Times last year. “When the phone rings and it feels like the money’s right and the place is right and the time is right, I’ll go be this guy that these people want.”


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