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Joe Biden 'snubs' Fox News reporter in first press conference since becoming president


Joe Biden snubbed Fox News reporter Peter Doocy at the president’s first press conference yesterday. Biden took questions from ten other reporters but failed to let the Fox team ask a single question. Doocy said “I had a binder full of questions!” and added many major topics were not asked about including Biden’s big ‘green economy’ plans.

In an extraordinary move by President Joe Biden the Fox team collected themselves after the conference to work out what had just happened.

Host John Roberts said: “We mentioned he took questions from ten people but you and Fox news not among them!”

In response snubbed reporter Peter Doocy said: “I mentioned last tonight on Special Report that I had a binder full of questions.

“I was not kidding, we had a lot!”.

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The reporter went on to show the binder of questions explaining how he couldn’t do his job as a reporter because of the snub.

Mr Doocy also said that many of the questions he wanted to ask Biden “we did not get to!”

He went on to say how no one asked Biden about his “green economy plans”.

And “there really were not many questions” about the origins of Covid which has been a focus topic of Mr Biden since he became president.

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At the conference Mr Biden also confirmed he would run in 2024 for a second term as president.

Questions were also asked over his stance on gun control and whether the US keep its commitment to withdrawing troops from Afghanistan by 1 May.

Mr Biden also gave an update on the US Covid-19 response announcing he aims to deliver 200m jabs in his first 100 days as president.

He added: “No other country in the world has even come close, not even close, to what we are doing.”


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