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Joe Biden REJECTS Ireland's plea for vaccines – ‘US doesn't have a stockpile!’


Micheal Martin claimed the US and Ireland are facing similar logistical challenges when it comes to vaccines. His comments were at the Government Buildings in Dublin following an online meetings with the US president and other US leaders on St Patrick’s Day.

He said Mr Biden “doesn’t have a stockpile” when asked whether he had enquired if the US would give vaccines to Ireland.

Mr Martin said: “He doesn’t necessarily have a stockpile.

“He wants to find out whether he will in time have a sufficiency of vaccines for his own people.”

He added Mr Biden 

Mr Martin said: “Like every other country, he [Mr Biden] is very anxious to get his people vaccinated as quickly as he possibly can and to have a sufficiency of vaccines to do that

“Both the president and the vice president understand that we need a global vaccination programme to defeat this virus.

“I raised the issue of supply chains in terms of the necessity to keep supply chains open in terms of the different component parts that make up the vaccine.

“It was a good discussion on that and I think there will be ongoing engagement between the US and Europe, and other countries as well, in relation to that.”

Mr Martin added: “[The President] said they would know where they are towards the summer about where they will be in terms of sufficiency of vaccines.

“He was interested in the AstraZeneca story.

“I shared the narrative with him in terms of explaining what has happened, both on the production side and in respect of recent decisions by the regulatory authorities across Europe and the EMA coming to a conclusion on all that tomorrow.

“His main focus right now is on getting his own people vaccinated, just like every country is.”



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