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Joe Biden ramps up personal attacks on 'that loser' Trump as he rages at Republicans

Joe Biden ramped up his attacks on Donald Trump as he referred to his predecessor as “that loser” during a heated Washington gala.

The president raged at Trump for his intervention ahead of a vote on a bipartisan border agreement that had secured the support of even the staunchest conservatives within the Republican Party.

Referring to the bill, Biden said: “That bipartisan bill has majority support in the House and Senate. But I was told, that other guy, that loser…

“I think he’s having trouble. Trump called Republicans to block that Senate bill, got on the phone and said it’d be a win for Biden and a loser for him, so they have to make sure you don’t allow it to get to a vote.”

He renewed his calls to the GOP to “act” to support proposals to strengthen border security as his administration faces persistent pressure from states on the US-Mexico border and beyond.

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Under current law, certain mandatory bars make people ineligible for asylum, for example, if you’ve been convicted of a particularly serious crime.

But those usually come into play when an immigration judge is making a final determination on whether someone gets asylum and that process can take years.

Migrants are usually detained during this time, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said.

When the rule is in place, asylum officers can consider evidence of terrorism links, for example, and use that as a basis for a denial.

Republicans immediately criticized the changes as too little. In a statement, House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark E. Green, a Republican from Tennessee called it an “unserious, politically motivated attempt to address a significant problem the Biden administration itself created.”


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