Home News Jersey City squad car crash injures small child, grandmother, 2 officers: report

Jersey City squad car crash injures small child, grandmother, 2 officers: report

A late morning crash involving a Jersey City squad car reportedly left a small child, a woman and two police officers banged up on Friday.

The collision occurred when a police cruiser veered into a parked car after colliding with another vehicle on Martin Luther King Drive around 11:15 a.m., according to NJ.com.

Police confirmed three people were hurt, including a pair of officers. A radio transmission reportedly indicated the child in the vehicle that was hit needed assistance.

Local man Chris Seawell told ABC News his mother and daughter were in a car that was trying to make a turn when it was hit by a police cruiser. He said “for the most part” his mom and little girl are fine, but he’s upset the crash happened.

“I’m just angry,” Sewell said about the police involved in the wreck. “You all are supposed to be aware of what you are doing. You are supposed to protect us. You put us in harm’s way doing stuff like that.”

ABC News said the impact occurred when cops were en route to back up other officers and were not involved in a chase.

Video from the crash site shows the squad car also hit a fire hydrant. Other parked vehicles appeared to suffer fender damage due to a likely chain reaction.

Sewell’s girlfriend, Saleema Roberts, said the officers went through a stoplight with sirens flashing silently before striking the victims’ car, spinning in a circle, and then plowing into a parked vehicle.

The incident is being investigated. All the injuries are believed to be minor.


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