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Jeremy Paxman blasts BBC newsreaders amid bias row – ‘Any fool can do it’


BBC newsreaders became the target of harsh criticism by fellow broadcaster Jeremy Paxman. The University Challenge host said “any fool” could read the news as the job takes no “skill”.

During a discussion with comedian Richard Herring, Mr Paxman added: “I think news reading is an occupation for an articulated suit.

“I can’t see any point in reading the news at all.

“Reading aloud, do you remember reading aloud at school? That’s what it is.

“I don’t think it has any grandeur or skill or anything to it. Any fool can do it.”

Mr Paxman, who presented Newsnight from 1989 to 2014, questioned whether it would be better if the corporation did not exist at all.

He said: “I think you have to decide ‘would the world be a better place if the BBC didn’t exist?’.

“And I think I come down on the side of the world would not be a better place if the BBC didn’t exist, but it is an immensely frustrating organisation.

“It’s full of boring people doing dull jobs and pretending they’re important.”

“Any impartial person must look at that and wonder why the BBC continues to give her free rein to do that.”

Speaking ahead of Boris Johnson’s visit to Scotland, Ms Sturgeon suggested during the briefings Prime Minister’s trip last month as “not essential”.

Ms Sturgeon has explained that “what the BBC broadcasts is not a matter for me, it’s a matter for the BBC”.

The BBC has been approached for comment.


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