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Jeffrey Epstein advised Bill Gates how to end 'toxic' marriage to Melinda, report claims


A new report has stated that Mr Gates attended dozens of “men’s club” meetings at Mr Epstein’s New York home. Mr Epstein reportedly gave marriage advice to billionaire Mr Gates when the pair met dozens of times at Mr Epstein’s New York townhouse. The Daily Beast reports that the meetings between Mr Epstein and Mr Gates often resembled a “men’s club” where the two men would chat about the Microsoft owner’s marriage.

A source told the Daily Beast that Mr Epstein and Mr Gates were “very close”.

The Daily Beast has reported that Mr Gates’s visits to Mr Epstein’s “lair” were used as a way to escape and gain advice about his marriage to Melinda.

The news outlet made the claims about the relationship between Mr Epstein and Mr Gates in an exclusive report on Sunday.

The Daily Beast described these meetings about Mr Gate’s “toxic” marriage as taking place between 2011 and 2014.

The news outlet cited one anonymous source that said that Mr Gates was “going to Jeffrey’s was a respite from his marriage”.

The source added: “It was a way of getting away from Melinda.”

The Daily Beast also claimed that Mr Epstein becoming involved with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates denies the claims of late-night meetings at Mr Epstein’s home.

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In 2019 a spokeswoman for Mr Gates added that Mr Gates “regrets ever meeting with Epstein and recognises it was an error in judgment to do so”.

Mr Gates also spoke to the New York Times in 2019 and said: “I didn’t go to New Mexico or Florida or Palm Beach or any of that.

“There were people around Epstein who were saying, ‘hey, if you want to raise money for global health and get more philanthropy, he knows a lot of rich people’.

“Every meeting where I was with him were meetings with men.

“I was never at any parties or anything like that.

“He never donated any money to anything that I know about.”

Mr Gates and his wife Melinda are going through a divorce and revelations have surfaced that he had an affair 20 years ago.

The couple announced earlier this month that they were getting a divorce after 27 years of marriage.


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