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Jay Slater's father makes two-word claim as five mysteries surround teen's disappearance

Jay Slater’s family have expressed concerns over foul play as there are still five mysteries surrounding the missing Brit’s disappearance.

Jay went missing in Tenerife on June 17, over three weeks ago, and since then, the Civil Guard abandoned their search, leaving his family and members of the public to take matters into their own hands.

His father Warren is particularly worried for the safety of his son and recently declared that “everything stinks” in the case of his disappearance.

He has also called on British police to help after Spanish officials could not find any evidence as to the whereabouts of his son.

Warren and Jay’s brother Zak have been scouring the island but despite an extensive search, Jay has not been found. Here are five mysteries still surrounding his disappearance…

Mystery one: The ominous phone call

The night before his disappearance, Jay stayed in an Airbnb with two men, one who remains unnamed, and Ayub Qassim.

Qassim said he got a phone call after Jay’s disappearance telling him he was “in a ditch somewhere”, according to ex-detective Mark Williams-Thomas, who has been leading his own investigation.

He claimed: “He [Qassim] then says he gets a call from a friend of Jay’s who says that he’s in a ditch somewhere and he’s been cut by a cactus.”

It’s not known who Qassim’s friend is, and he maintains he has “nothing to hide” following questioning by Spanish officials, who ruled him out as “not relevant” to the case.

Mystery two: The offer of a lift home 

Jay reportedly turned down a lift back to his accommodation in Los Cristianos in the south of the island, instead opting for the bus he missed before attempting to make the 11-hour walk back from the Airbnb near Masca in the northwest.

Williams-Thomas claims he said: “I’m hungry. I need to get a scran. And the woman told me I can get a bus every 10 minutes to Los Cristianos.”

Mystery three: The out-of-battery phone

According to Qassim, Jay asked him for a phone charger but never ended up using it, and Williams-Thomas has revealed the conversation that occurred between them at their Airbnb.

He said: “Jay asked for a cigarette and Ayub said, I’ve got some camel cigarettes and put one on the side. Jay then asked for a phone charger. He [Ayub] said, go into my friend’s room. He’s asleep. Take his charger and you can put your phone on charge.”

However, when Jay called his friend Lucy Law on the walk back to his accommodation, he panicked because his phone was on one percent, and then the call cut out.

Mystery four: The Journey Back

Jay left the rave he was at and, instead of returning to his accommodation, went to Qassim’s Airbnb with the other unnamed man, which Warren questioned.

There has been a theory swirling that he lost the key to his room, but his uncle Glen Duncan said he would’ve just gone to the reception to get a new one.

He told The Sun: “The fact he has come out and said all his mates have left him and he had nowhere to go, he was 10 minutes from his apartment in Los Cristianos. He’s not stupid. If he didn’t have a room key he could have gone to reception for a replacement.”

Mystery five: The family’s investigation

Jay’s family continued their search of the island after the Civil Guard found nothing. As they continue scouring the mountainous terrain, Warren said “everything stinks” and fears his son has been taken against his will.

He told MEN: “From the Airbnb, he’s a fit lad, 25 minutes you can get to the top, to where the cafe is. If he’s followed the road and been where we’ve been today, it’s took him an hour and a half.

“Dozens of cars would have gone past him. We got here at 9am and the 10am bus passed us. And it would have passed him. I’ve been up here three weeks and I’ve never seen as many cars.”


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