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Jane's Addiction are still a force of nature – review

“We’re the band your mothers are scared of,” growled Perry Farrell a few songs into Jane’s Addiction’s set.

That may have been true in the 1990s, but a lot has changed since then. No longer is their version of rock and roll considered edgy or garish.

With that in mind, Jane’s Addiction – with the original line-up, playing at London’s Roundhouse on Wednesday, May 29, 2024 – were far and away from being the eyelinered goth gods of the early noughties. But, instead, they now feel like a force of nature.

Floating across the stage in a formidable suit, hat and poncho get-up, Perry’s persona was that of an ethereal rockstar of ages gone – resurrected; pulled from the crypt.

As the band sped through Pigs In Zen and Been Caught Stealing, Perry became more comfortable with his Christ-like persona on stage. He took his hat off, his jacket left his body and he continued to float across the stage as he wooed the crowd with his otherworldly vocals.

Women threw their jewellery at him. One begged him for a sip from his wine bottle. The mostly middle-aged crowd regressed into their teenage selves.

No phones in sight, these alternative kids in adult bodies threw themselves at one another like it was the turn of the century again. Crowdsurfing, mosh pits, spinning kicks… it all happened as soon as Eric Avery slammed his bass guitar around the stage, or Dave Navarro played his iconic riffs.

The most surprising part of Jane’s Addiction’s set to me was the care and attention they gave their fans. Perry frequently stopped his rambling spiels to talk to the people who made the pilgrimage to Camden.


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