Home Lifestyle Jamie Oliver shares 'delicious' breakfast recipe to lose weight – 'super simple!'

Jamie Oliver shares 'delicious' breakfast recipe to lose weight – 'super simple!'


Jamie Oliver showed how to make a healthy and “super simple” breakfast recipe which can be prepared in under five minutes.


One heaped teaspoon of ricotta cheese

One x 75 g slice of rye bread

Half a ripe avocado

One ripe tomato

One lemon

One teaspoon of toasted pine nuts

One sprig of fresh basil, optional



Spread the ricotta cheese over the rye bread or toast.

Finely slice the avocado and tomato, then toss with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Season to taste and arrange on the toast.

Sprinkle over the pine nuts and a few fresh baby basil leaves, if you’ve got them.

The chef also shared an alternative for salmon lovers: his own version of salmon, cucumber and avocado on toast.

This is a perfect option for those looking to have a healthy start to the day. Rye bread has also been linked to many health benefits, including weight loss, better blood sugar control, and improved heart and digestive health.

Many fans reacted to Jamie’s stunning avocado toast. Instagram user Rositsa Haralanova said: “Looks delicious.”

Di Griffith So commented: “Simple but so delicious.” Another user, Dusan Destanovic, said: “Refreshing and healthy.”

“You always have the best and most tempting ingredients. Looks amazing!” Alberta Manfredi-Woodall commented.

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