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James Martin’s four-step American pancakes are a ‘real crowd pleaser’ – recipe

American pancakes are known for being super thick and fluffy, which can sometimes be hard to perfect.

However, they are great for weekend mornings when you have a little more time to whip them up.

This recipe by James Martin uses buttermilk to help provide a tangy flavour and achieve a more fluffy result.

The acid helps break down gluten, developing soft, moist and tender pancakes.

The recipe notes added: “Everyone loves American pancakes. Fluffy, sweet and a real crowd-pleaser. Serve with fruit, ice cream, bacon…whatever you like.”


200g flour

25g butter, melted plus more for frying

10g caster sugar

One teaspoon of baking powder

Three eggs

200ml buttermilk

To serve:


Maple syrup

Place all of the pancake ingredients into a bowl and whisk together, making sure there is no flour to be seen.

Fry spoonfuls of the batter in melted butter over medium heat for one minute, until small bubbles appear.

Then, carefully flip the pancake over using a spatula and cook for a further minute until cooked all the way through.

Next, serve on plates, sprinkle over the blueberries and drizzle over some maple syrup to finish.

If you want to make a compote instead, simply boil down some blueberries in a saucepan until some whole fruit remain.

Sprinkle in a little bit of lemon and sugar and taste until you have reached your desired preference.

This can also be done with plums, raspberries or strawberries.


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