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James Martin Saturday Morning: How to make delicious gnocchi in less than 5 minutes


James Martin is on ITV every Saturday Morning and he usually answers viewers’ questions at the start of his show. Today was no different as the celebrity chef showed this week’s caller how to make gnocchi.

Andy from Essex called in to the show to ask James how to make gnocchi.

The viewer had been using boiled potatoes to make the infamous Italian dish and James recognised this mistake straight away.

He said that boiled potatoes would make the gnocchi too wet, therefore “baked potatoes are key”.

As well as the baked potatoes, the celebrity chef showed Andy his other ingredients, which included flour, eggs, parsley, butter, lemon, parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper. 

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He recommended adding a touch more flour if the mixture is too wet, saying: “You want it not too wet and not too dry.”

Therefore, if the mixture is too dry, you might need another egg.

To make it more flavoursome, you can also add parmesan cheese and a little lemon to the mixture.

Next, James started breaking up the mixture and took a lump of it in his hands, rolling it into a large ball.

He put a little flour on a wooden board and started rolling the ball into a sausage-like shape.

“Make two sausage-style pieces,” he said.

The chef then took a knife and cut the “sausages” into small pieces.

“Treat it like pasta,” James advised as he then put the gnocchi pieces into a saucepan of boiling water.

As the gnocchi boiled, the chef took a frying pan and melted a little butter in it, before adding some parsley and grated lemon.

When the gnocchi is ready, it rises to the top of the pan, said James.

The chef then popped the gnocchi pieces into the pan to fry with the butter and other ingredients.

The gnocchi fried in the pan immediately, turning a light golden brown colour.

When all the pieces were lightly brown, which happened in seconds, James then slid them onto a plate.

After grating parmesan on top, the delicious meal was ready to eat.


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