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James Martin details why Saturday Morning show isn't filmed in his house: 'Only way!'


James, 48, has become a pinnacle of Saturday morning television, treating viewers to a whole array of cooking demonstrations and interviewing guests. James Martin’s Saturday Morning welcomes viewers of the ITV show into what seems to be the chef’s very own kitchen. However, the culinary genius has now revealed it is in fact a facade and filming for the programme is conducted in his garage.

Speaking with Lorraine Kelly, 61, on her self-titled chat show, the chef spoke about the joy he feels over his programme’s success.

“Yeah, it’s gone very well. It started out with 12 shows. ITV said, ‘Look, we’ll give it a try and see if it works.

“We don’t really have any food on a Saturday morning so we’ll give it a go.’ Now, we’re 50 odd shows in, I think, and it’s just crazy.”

The presenter then noticed the studio kitchen pictured behind them and asked James: “Where are you though? Is that your house?”

The culinary genius explained: “We actually film in the garage which is quite fortunate in the [pandemic].”

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“The cars reverse out and the cameras come in. People don’t realise,” the chef continued, with a picture of his car parked in the garage coming up on the screen behind him.

“But it’s the only way we could’ve possibly filmed anyway and I just so happened to build in it the garage because we use this as a test kitchen for me when I’m working on the restaurant side of it,” James added.

The chef also shares pictures of his home on his social media accounts, with his Instagram feed full of scenes from his studio kitchen.

It’s a state of the art set-up, with top quality worktops made of stainless steel and the best cooking equipment known to man.

His garden space is used for a number of cooking demonstrations on the programme, especially when it comes to his summer recipes.

James’ outside kitchen space includes a pizza oven and a green area where he grows his own produce to be self-sufficient.

Occasionally, the chef will take his guests away from the kitchen in his garage and interview them outdoors.

However, the culinary genius has admitted his career and idyllic home has come at the expense of neglecting other aspects of his life.

The television chef explained: “The sacrifices you make are huge. All your mates are married and have children.

“It was quite funny—my friends came over to my house last week, and we were walking through my garages when one of them said, ‘So this is what you could have had if you didn’t have kids.’”

Discussing whether he would want a family set-up, the chef said: “No. I’ve not got that and that’s fine. It’s a lifestyle choice.

“The sacrifices you make doing your job are colossal, but the rewards are huge. And I don’t mean financial, it’s in [your head and heart]. That’s what matters.”

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs at 9:30am on ITV.


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