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James Bond rich list revealed including Daniel Craig’s £116m net worth and how Halle Berry tops sexy sidekick chart


WHILE most dream of becoming James Bond, these actors can proudly call themselves Miss Moneypenny. 

We told how Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge, 36, has made more than £22million in under two years, thanks to her latest writing gig on Bond flick No Time To Die.


Bond writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge has raked in more than £22m[/caption]

The 36-year-old writer and actor made a staggering £10.7million between April to November last year alone.

But she’s not the only actor, writer or director to cash in from the James Bond films.

The franchise alone is worth a massive £5.1billion – with 25 films made in just under 60 years.

The most recently released film Spectre grossed £638.5million in the box office when it came out in 2015.

From the original bond Sean Connery to sexy Bond girls like Halle Berry, we bring you the biggest estimated net worths and estates. 

1. Sir Sean Connery – £254m 

Sir Sean had a massive net worth of £254million at the time of his passing aged 90 in October 2020.

He shot to fame as the first actor to portray secret agent James Bond, and he starred in seven of the films between 1962 and 1983, including Dr No and Never Say Never Again.


Original Bond Sean Connery was worth £254m when he died last year[/caption]

The late actor went on to star in many films including Highlander and Murder on the Orient Express.

2. Pierce Brosnan – £145m

Goldeneye actor Pierce Brosnan, 68, proves that working on films other than James Bond can do wonders for your bank balance.

He starred as the title character in four films from 1995 to 2002, including Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day – earning just under £30m for the four films.

Getty – Contributor

Pierce Brosnan made just under £30m for his four Bond films[/caption]

He went on to star in Miss Doubtfire, as well as the Abba musical film Mamma Mia! which grossed £437million in the box office.

3. Daniel Craig – £116m

Craig’s first outing as James Bond was Casino Royale in 2006, Quantum of Solace and Spectre.

No Time To Die will be his fifth appearance, later this year and it was reported he signed a £100million deal to continue in his role.

Skyfall ©2012 Danjaq, LLC, United Artists Corporation, Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

Craig was reportedly paid £100m to star in his fifth Bond film[/caption]

The British actor has also starred in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Logan Lucky and Knives Out – which has a sequel currently in production.

He recently told how he wouldn’t leave any of his fortune to his children.

4. Sir Roger Moore – £80m 

The late actor starred in seven Bond films between 1973 and 1985, including Live And Let Die, he holds the record of playing the spy the most times.

By the time Sir Roger died at the age of 89 in 2017, he had an astounding estimated net worth of £80m.

Kobal Collection – Shutterstock

Roger Moore played James Bond in a total of seven films[/caption]

After Bond, he left Hollywood behind and turned his hand to helping the needy by working with charity Unicef. 

5. Halle Berry – £65.3m

Halle Berry, 55, is arguably the most well-known Bond Girl of all time, playing Jinx in Die Another Day.

She’s also the richest of Bond’s sexy sidekicks, with an estimated net worth of £63.5million.


Halle Berry is the highest earning Bond girl in history[/caption]

Aside from Bond, Halle has made her money from the X-Men franchise – where she has played Storm in four films.

She’s also the only woman of colour to have ever won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in Monster’s Ball.

6. Jane Seymour – £43.5m

Jane Seymour, 75, played psychic Bond Girl Solitaire in Live and Let Die, and she’s starred in many films and TV shows since.

In 1982, she starred in miniseries East of Eden, and she’s still acting, having starred in The War with Grandpa and Friendsgiving last year.

Getty – Contributor

Jane Seymour starred in 1973 film Live and Let Die[/caption]

On top of her acting work, she created her Jane Seymour Designs label, which sells jewelry, scarves, furniture, rugs, handbags, paintings and sculptures.

7. Dame Judi Dench – £32.6m

Dame Judi played M in seven Bond films between 1995 and 2015.

Her character was killed off at the end of Skyfall – so she missed out on earnings from Spectre and No Time to Die. 

Rex Features

Dench’s character M met her demise in movie Skyfall[/caption]

The seven-time Academy Award nominee has starred in everything from Shakespeare in Love to Philomena, with her most recent film being Blithe Spirit, released last year.

8. Phoebe Waller-Bridge – £22.1m

Fleabag writer Phoebe told how she spent her twenties as a struggling writer “broke, demoralised and angry”.

But now she has successful series Fleabag and Killing Eve under her belt – and boosting her bank balance. 

Getty Images

Waller-Bridge was one of four screenwriters on the latest Bond film No Time to Die[/caption]

She wrote on No Time to Die and has just scored a £15million deal with Amazon Prime Video. 

9. Sam Mendes – £21.8m

Sam Mendes, 56, is probably the most well-known Bond director – shooting Skyfall and Spectre. 

Despite his giant pay packet for directing the films, he said the experience was too much pressure. 

AFP – Getty

Director Sam Mendes said directing the Bond films were a poisoned chalice[/caption]

He told the Sunday Times: “When I think of them my stomach churns. It’s just so hard. 

“You feel like the England football manager. You think, if I win, I’ll survive. If I lose, I’ll be pilloried. There is no victory. Just survival.” 

10. Britt Ekland – £16m

Swedish beauty Britt made her name in the 1973 horror film Wickerman and her marriage to Peter Sellers in the 60s. 

But her ultimate role came the next year playing Bond girl Mary Goodnight alongside Roger Moore in 1974. 

Rex Features

Sexy Britt starred in The Man with the Golden Gun in 1974[/caption]

Generous Britt said in 2008: “I have always worked and I would say I’m generous with money – if somebody needed anything I would always give it to them.”

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