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'I've stopped watching it' Joanna Lumley 'can't bear' the pretence of The Crown


Joanna Lumley told Andrew Marr this morning that she could not bear The Crown and had to stop watching it. The legendary actress and presenter told the BBC morning programme that the hit Netflix show had “damaged the Royal Family”. She was worried that people were taking The Crown as fact when “it’s not the truth”.

The Absolutely Fabulous star is a friend of Prince Charles and attended his wedding to Camilla in 2005.

Andrew Marr asked: “It must be a very strange thing, I can imagine, seeing your own life fictionalised while you are still alive. What do you make of it?”

Ms Lumley, who was already shaking her head, responded: “I did watch the first season of the Crown but I have stopped watching it.

“In a funny way Andrew, I have met all the Royal Family. I’ve been lucky enough to have friendships with some of them.

“And I can’t bear the thought of people pretending to know what they say in private to each other, it seems a bit odd.

“I’m sure it has damaged the Royal Family. Whatever they are saying and doing isn’t what happened. It’s not the truth.”


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