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I’ve got ‘pretty privilege’ & it makes life easier – if people hate you, you probably have an awful personality


A STUNNING influencer explained that “pretty privilege” is real and anyone who is good looking and disliked must have an “awful personality“.

TikToker Eve, who uses the handle evefingdonnelly on social media, first uploaded a jokey video calling out the things attractive people say.

TIKTOK @evefingdonnelly

Eve explained that it was scientifically proven that attractive people are more popular[/caption]

Eve uploaded a jokey video about the things people say when they’re complaining about being good looking

In the satirical skit, she pretended to be someone who complained about their treatment due to their good looks.

She said: “It’s so hard to be called beautiful all the time. It just gets exhausting.

“People are like: ‘Oh my gosh you’re so pretty.’

“Stop asking if I’ve had surgery, I’m just naturally pretty. I’m sick of girls hating me just because I’m pretty.

“People just never see what goes on behind the scenes. Stop telling me I make you insecure. It’s not my fault I’m the beauty standard!”

Plenty of people found the video hilarious and the clip amassed more than 10k likes, but not everyone was impressed.

Eve addressed the negative comments and responded the this message with another video: “People hating you for being pretty is real and it sucks.”

Eve said: “No. It’s not. It’s not. It has been scientifically proven that if you’re attractive people are automatically way more likely to like you.

“So if you’re pretty and people hate you, you probably have an awful personality.”


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