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ITV's Robert Peston admits he's 'lucky to still have a job' due to white male status


ITV’s political editor admitted during an interview he feels lucky to have his job in television before people noticed the “terrible” discrimination against women and people of colour. Mr Peston then said: “Everyone else [working on Peston] is a woman or person of colour. It is the best team I have ever worked with… I am astonishingly fortunate to do what I do.”

Speaking to BBC podcast Fortunately…, Mr Peston told hosts Fi Glover and Jane Garvey he was “lucky” to have gotten into TV before ITV made a push to higher more women and and PoC’s.

He said on the programme: “My great uncle used to say ‘Every day that I wake up is a bonus’, and quite often I think, ‘Every day I keep my show as a white, middle-class male is a bonus’.

“I wonder, truthfully, if I were 30 whether all sorts of doors that were open to me then would be open to me today, because the competition is much more intense.

“We are looking for different things and we are looking for different voices, and that’s a really good thing.”


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