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'It's special': Classic cars transformed into online NFT art – Crypto-Carz worth a fortune


Classic cars are universally loved, with car aficionados taking the time to maintain and preserve the legacy of the vehicles, as well as their design. In recent months and years, cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) have exploded into popularity as new payment methods and a revolutionary platform for people to share and sell their artwork.

Now artists are combining the two parallel worlds of classic cars and NFT’s to create unique pieces of art to look at some of the most legendary vintage vehicles.

Mike Turner, a professional vehicle designer with over 25 years of experience, creates “clunky-but-cute” low polygon versions of some of the most iconic road and race cars.

He said he was inspired by early video game graphics from his youth, and they have continued to be his muse even now.

A number of the NFT’s Mike has created are based on the video games he played as a child, as well as iconic designs inspired by comic books and TV programmes.

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“As a kid growing up we were going to see rally stages.

“I can remember toddling off into Kielder Forest aged about four or five with a flask of tea in the middle of the night and watching Audi Quattro’s belt past in the darkness.

“Even going to Donnington and watching touring cars go round when it was the Steve Soper-era, so a lot of what I’m tapping into, it’s just cars that mean something to me along the way.

“Some of them have come out of the early Gran Turismo franchise, the first time you saw Japanese spec racing cars in mainstream media. It’s joining the dots of all that.”

Some of the NFT’s available include a striking homage to the iconic yellow Land Rover taxi from Judge Dredd, as well as a nod to the classic American muscle car, the Ford Mustang.

One of the most popular is a tribute to the Rothmans Porsche 956, known for being one of the legendary race cars ever made. 

Mike said he had a poster of the Porsche 956 on his wall as a child, making it the perfect car for him to reimagine in his own format.

He continued, saying: “I think for me this project will be finite because I don’t want to just do every car for the sake of doing it.

“So far all the cars I’ve done have been cars that have been special to me.

“Two years from now whether I’m going to do the latest model Honda Integra just for the sake of ticking a box? I doubt it.

“I’ve got a list of 150 cars so far that mean something to me, they’re special.”

Mike has had good responses to his low-poly artwork with most of the images from his first collections selling within a few hours of being minted.

As with other cryptocurrencies and NFT’s, owners can put the artwork back on the market, with some of the Crypto-Carz being re-listed for five times its original price.

Mike has also collaborated with other car enthusiasts from around the world, designing low-poly versions of new vehicles being developed in Australia and providing a model car to be used in an immersive virtual racing circuit designed in France.

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