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'It’s overwhelming’: Over 100 classic cars worth £1million to be auctioned in UK sale


London Barn Finds was launched at the end of August to show off the countless classic cars that had been collecting dust for over a decade. The stunning collection of vehicles, which could be worth more than £1million, has grown gradually at the site on a business park in Tottenham and has been amassed by a mystery businessman.

Since unveiling the collection on Instagram, the account – London Barn Finds – has amassed a following of nearly 40,000 fans in only two weeks.

The oldest car of the collection is a 1948 Mercedes Benz.

Almost all of the cars were driven by the owner to the warehouse under their own power and still run.

With most of the cars coming with a V5 and service history information, some with very substantial details.

Freddie continued, saying: “It’s overwhelming, there’s such a broad range of cars and within each category, there are hundreds of collectors and enthusiasts.

“I would say, for every car, there are at least 50 people who are interested in purchasing and restoring it to its former glory.

“It’s a really special project to be involved in.”

The most expensive car of the collection is a 1960 MG MGA with a guide price of £25,000.

This is closely followed by a guide price of £20,000 for a 1973 Porsche 911 964 Targa.

Other notable cars available in the auction include a 1975 Mercedes 350SL and a 1989 BMW 635CSI, both with a guide price of £16,000.

The haul seems to have every type of car an enthusiast could imagine, with the warehouse packed with countless car makes, from Mercedes to BMW and from Morris Minor to Land Rover.

A barn find is a classic car, aircraft or motorcycle that has been rediscovered after being stored, often in derelict condition.

With this definition, the auction is set to be the greatest barn find collection of classic cars in UK history.

The listings will be available on eBay and are available to the public, with both nationwide and international buyers expected to snap up the classics.

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