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‘It’s horrible’ – Paris Fury reveals she HATES being ringside for Tyson’s fights and watching him get punched in face


PARIS FURY admitted she HATES being ringside for Tyson’s fights watching the punches being thrown.

But the mother-of-six, who has been with Fury since a teenager, will always be by his side.


Paris Fury admitted she HATES being ringside for Tyson’s fights[/caption]


Tyson Fury won his trilogy bout with Deontay Wilder[/caption]

Paris said on talkSPORT: “I hate it, I’ve got to be truthful, that’s the flat out answer.  

“When Tyson used to fight at the beginning it was more of a novelty as Tyson never got punched. 

“If you look at Tyson now, he still has a straight nose, for boxers that’s pretty rare!

“And as the years went by and he fought the higher opposition, then he’ll get hit back.

“And that’s when it became horrible. It became not nice to watch.

“And I have said to Tyson in the past, ‘Do you not think you should leave it now? Do you not want to stop now?’ 

“But, on the other hand I know it’s his love and his passion and it’s what he wants to do most in the world.”

Paris has been with Tyson since a teenager and the pair married in 2008, the same year he made his professional boxing debut.

She has supported every one of his fights and will never miss one as she fears needing to be by his side in case the worst happens.

Paris explained: “I support him but I don’t enjoy it, I hate being there, but on the other hand I feel like I have to be there. 

“I feel like if I’m not there, and what happens if something goes wrong  and you’re not with him. So that’s the brutality of the sport and that is the fact of it. 

“You really are taking your life in your hands every time you go in there and unfortunately, that’s what he loves to do and that’s just his passion in life, so I’ve got to support him for it. 

“But I don’t enjoy a minute of it.” 

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