Home Tv & Show 'It's elitism!' Dodds explodes against Super League plans as 'capitalism' lines drawn

'It's elitism!' Dodds explodes against Super League plans as 'capitalism' lines drawn


Anneliese Dodds and host Adil Ray debated the “elitism” of the new Super League which sees the major European football teams forming their own mid-week football league in what critics say is a cash grab from the clubs. While Mr Ray blasted the move which would disappoint fans who already pay high amounts to watch games Ms Dodds called the move “elitist” and argued against Mr Ray’s point that it could be seen as a positive capitalist move. Ms Dodds disagreed and ranted against the decision which would be disastrous for grassroots football.

After discussing the Greensill lobbying scandal, Mr Ray drew ‘elitism’ comparisons between the political story and the Super League proposals. 

He said: “We’ve seen another example of elitism overnight with what’s happening in the Football League with six of the richest clubs now threatening to break away and form their own European Super League.

“Which will really disappoint fans up and down the country, fans of those clubs and fans of other clubs who will look forward to playing some of these big teams.

“What’s your thoughts on that and is it yet another side of this country that elitism rules and the poor are just going to get poorer?”

The Super League will be set up by 12 major clubs across Europe which will rival the likes of the Champion’s League.

While fans already pay large amounts to watch games on TV or at football ground the new league appears, so far, to require fans to purchase more licenses and tickets. 

Ms Dodds responded: “Well I’m afraid I agree with your view on this, it is an elitist approach.

“I think it will be very bad for football, indeed, it’ll be very bad for fans and you know we were promised that there is going to be a review to put fans at the heart of football in the UK.

“We’ve not seen that review and instead we see this move towards that Super League I think it would be absolutely terrible for the game and terrible for fans.

“After the year that fans have been through and clubs because of course those left behind will potentially find things much harder as well as a result of this change.

“This is the last news that we needed to hear.”

But Mr Ray attempted to provide an alternative view to the Shadow Chancellor that the Super League could allow clubs to progress football as a whole.

He said: “Some of these clubs will argue though that it’s their attitude to business, it’s their attitude to look at themselves like a big multinational international business that has allowed some of the greatest footballers in the world to play in the Premier League.

“So where do you draw the line as a Labour politician this idea that capitalism can benefit and it has clearly benefited football over the years, maybe this is just another step up in that direction?”

Ms Dodds conceded that there will be commercial aspects of football clubs. 

She said: “Well of course at that level you are going to see commercial operations with football.

“I think these clubs need to remember where their players come from and I see them every Saturday morning when I’m able to take my kids to football.”



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