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'It's difficult' Lorraine's key question on Meghan Markle 'no support' mental health claim


Lorraine Kelly invited Andrew Morton onto her ITV show this morning to discuss his new book Elizabeth & Margaret: The Intimate World of the Windsor Sisters. But, when the royal biographer explained Princess Margaret had received “psychological counselling”, Lorraine pointed out that this revelation “made it difficult” for her to believe Meghan Markle’s claims that she received little help herself. 

Andrew explained: “This is the generation if it’s cold put on a sweater don’t turn up the heating make do and mend people don’t talk about mental illness

“But saying that Princess Margaret did go for psychological counselling even the Queen herself had somebody in to help her with breathing and relaxing.

“So in a funny kind of way the Royal Family have had a history of going for help from professional bodies for psychological issues that they’ve faced.”

“That’s extraordinary,” Lorraine replied. “I had no idea I would never have thought of the Queen doing that which makes it seem all the more crazy or all the more difficult to imagine that they wouldn’t have helped Meghan when Meghan made a cry for help. 

“She said nobody listened to her which was one of the saddest things about that interview, wasn’t it?”

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