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'It's crippingly difficult for Kate to keep going’ Ben Shephard on GMB star's heartbreak


On Tuesday evening, Kate Garraway gave ITV viewers a candid and heartbreaking insight into her and her husband Derek Draper tumultuous year after he contracted COVID-19. Derek has been in hospital for the majority of the pandemic with doctors still unsure about his road to recovery. Discussing the documentary on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid shared their thoughts on the programme, beaming with pride for their colleague.

However, while Susanna and Ben thanked fans for their support, the latter also admitted times have been “cripplingly difficult” away from the camera for Kate.

Susanna kicked off the discussion as she turned to GMB’s political correspondent Ranvir Singh to say: “You know what, Ranvir, when you were mentioning there when she did I’m A Celebrity, 

“I was so interested in how she was getting on and she was just a superstar. And he [Derek] burst with pride about Kate.”

Susanna continued: “He is so proud of her, and he would be so proud of her doing this, what she’s doing, this documentary.”

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Ben then weighed in: “And I think we can be so proud of her as well. 

“And all we want for you is to know who Kate is, she is that person you see. So thank you for all the extraordinary messages that I have been sent personally and that have been sent to us today.

“Just all of you talking about what an extraordinary woman she is, we will make sure she gets all of them. 

“Because as she said way back, it feels extraordinary we’ve been doing this a year, every single one of those messages she has read and she takes some sort of comfort and support from.”

Describing the heartbreak Kate has been battling with off-camera, however, Ben added: “There are times when it is really hard for her,

“And she doesn’t have the smile on her face and it is really, really ripplingly difficult to try and keep going – and those messages are a huge, huge support to her.”



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