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'It's absolutely rife': Victims warn of recent keyless car thefts – 'latest craze'


A driver from Linthorpe in Middlesbrough warned other motorists to be careful after his keyless car system and electronic doorbell were hacked. Criminals stole hundreds of pounds worth of clothes from the boot of the family’s car earlier this year.

The man claims they hacked into the Wi-Fi, disabling CCTV linked to their doorbell system for 12 hours – before scanning keyless car signals to open vehicles.

Using relay technology, the thieves can scan it once and hack vehicles within a 25-metre radius.

Other homes on the street were also targeted.

The man, who did not want to be named, is now urging other drivers to invest in a “Faraday” box.

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“It’s happened twice before, I left a watch in my car and it went missing and I thought I’d left my car door open.

“I got talking to other people on the road, it’s happened to a few cars further up as well.

“This thing they’ve used can go up to 25 metres.

“They have hacked into the Wi-Fi and disabled it for 12 hours, which has stopped the camera recording.

“Then they’ve used the scanner to intercept the infrared off the car keys.

“There was no sign of any forced entry into any of the vehicles. It’s obviously the latest craze.

“We’ll put all the keys and spare in [the Faraday box] on a night now – for the sake of £20, people need to do it.”

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