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‘It’ll be a war zone!’ Jersey fishermen warn French ships to stay away over fishing spat


On Thursday dozens of French fishing boats protested off the coast of St Helier, Jersey’s de facto capital. Some lit flares whilst one French vessel was videos ramming a British boat.

Two Royal Navy patrol ships, HMS Tamar and HMS Severn, were deployed to monitor the situation.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror Jersey fishermen said they are ready for confrontations with the French.

Paul Bizec, aged 59, warned: “When they come back we will be ready for them, it’s going to get messy.

“It’ll be like a warzone, our boys are getting ready for a fight, the French have been raiding our shores all they like while I can only fish once a week.

“We will pelt them with frozen tomatoes and rotten fruit, they’ll be sorry they messed with us.

“It will be retaliation on a big scale, the French don’t play fair so we will play them at their own game.”

Richard Le Brun, 68, agreed and suggested French fishermen might also target mainland British ports.

He said: “It is going to get worse, a summer of discontent.

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“We are p**sed off and we won’t take them coming back, as soon as they come into the harbour it will get very dirty, they will be sorry they messed with us.

“The French fishermen have started this, but we will finish it.”

A French minister caused outrage earlier this month by threatening to cut Jersey’s supply of electricity unless concessions are made.

Jersey imports over 90 percent of its electricity from France.

Britain left the EU’s common fisheries policy at the end of December as a result of Brexit.

Under Boris Johnson’s deal the UK agreed French vessels, which can prove they have long fished in British waters, can continue doing so until 2026.

However some smaller French boats are struggling to show the proof needed to get a licence.

Mark Rive, aged 55, said he was glad the Royal Navy were on scene during Thursday’s protest.

He commented: “We are so grateful the British navy arrived to help us here in Jersey.

“We want the spirit of the battles of Agincourt and Crecy.

“Our boats are not allowed to fish in French waters.

“It’s a mess and lot of bureaucracy on both sides.”


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