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'It makes you think': Former Fifth Gear host shares concerns over damage risk of E10 fuel


Mr Smith said the new petrol has “made him think” about the possible risks of leaving E10 in a petrol tank when the car is not being used. He is worried the new fuel may lead him to replace the car’s fuel lines “every year” or continually check his vehicle for possible damage.

The RAC has warned owners of classic cars should not “leave [E10] sat in the tank for long periods”.

They warn the new fuel could lead to damaged seals, plastics and metals in storage which could be expensive.

Last month, AA technical specialist Greg Carter warned leaving E10 inside the fuel tank was one of the biggest risks with the new fuel.

He told Express.co.uk: “But it’s more to do with leaving the fuel in the engine for a long period of time.

“Leaving it in the tank, leaving it all sitting in the fuel lines and everything else.

“If you have an incompatible vehicle [it’s a problem], it’s got rubbers used in the fuel system, maybe it’s got a steel petrol tank or whatever.

“If it’s supposed to run on E5 and you accidentally filled it up with E10 you don’t want to leave it there.”

Classic car experts at Hagerty said drivers should not leave their car in storage after filling up with E10 fuel.

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