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ISIS releases chilling image urging 'lone wolf attacks' during Paris Olympics

Islamic State has issued another chilling online threat to attack the Paris Olympics.

The terror organisation has made no secret of its desire to unleash a bloodbath at the summer Olympics in July.

The militants have been busy compiling and distributing manuals to their supporters on how to use drones to cause mayhem at the Games.

Now in a new post to its Al-Naba social media account, ISIS has hinted a possible attack could be imminent.

The post shows a mocked-up photo of Paris and the Eiffel Tower with a drone carrying a bag with”Gift” written on it, heading towards the city’s most famous landmark.

A caption above the image reads: “The Lone Wolves qualifiers have begun, God willing.”

An ISIS supporter has been distributing an “attack manual” online to fellow jihadists, increasing security concerns among officials.

A former US Department of Homeland Security official said what was striking about the 10-paged manual was the detail out went into.

Matt Mooney told The National: “It focused on the commercially available drones and provided analysis on the types of drones that we can use and look to purchase.

“What was notable [was] the level of detail the individual brought to it.

“When you have a prominent [ISIS] supporter publishing a manual on adopting drones for IED delivery, it’s certainly concerning.”

There are estimated to be three million drones in France, many of them privately owned.

Both French police and the Interior Ministry said they are working hard to prevent any unauthorised flights over the capital.

This has involved setting up an anti-drone coordination centre at a military base at Villacoublay, just outside Paris.

Officers will monitor air traffic during the Olympics to identify drones, either with radar or pictures sent by officers on the ground at the sporting sites.

Anti-drone officers will use a UK-developed shoulder-mounted device, called SkyWall Patrol, which can fire a net high into the air, trapping any drones hovering above the French capital.


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