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Is Shetland on BBC One based on a true story?


THE new BBC crime show Shetland is based on the novels of English crime writer Ann Cleeves, but where did she get her inspiration from?

Find out here if Shetland is based on a true story.


Shetland BBC one crime drama[/caption]

Is Shetland on BBC One based on a true story?

The BBC crime series Shetland is initially based upon the novels of Ann Cleeves.

The series was first brought to the screen by David Kane, who has remained a principal writer throughout the series.

While Cleeves’ novel doesn’t exactly lift from true events, they are inspired by her time living in Shetland, where she worked as a former probation officer. 

“It is more than 40 years since I first went to Shetland because I got there in 1975,” the author told the Daily Record on Jan. 16, 2016. 

“The Shetland plots couldn’t be set anywhere else because they are intrinsic to what is going on in Shetland,” 

The writers have chosen to loosely follow the essence of Ann’s books and characters, while they create new stories.

So season five on awards of Shetland is actually all fictional.


The BBC series Shetland follows a detective share his stepdaughter with her real father[/caption]

What is Shetland about?

The series follows DI Jimmy Perez, a straightforward detective inspector who lives in Shetland and shares his stepdaughter Cassie’s upbringing with her real father.

The forthcoming new series centres on the doorstep murder of a prominent local figure.

The case strikes at the heart of the Shetland Isles and its people.

As Perez and his team uncover a kaleidoscope of motives for the murder, their investigation soon takes a shockingly sinister turn.

When does Shetland start on BBC One?

Shetland makes an explosive return to TV on October 20, 2021.

You can catch all of the action from 9pm on BBC One.

After this episodes will air weekly on Wednesdays at the same time.You can also catch up with episodes on the BBC iPlayer.

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