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Is it too hot to exercise? The 5 steps to exercise safely in heat


Exercise is important to the proper functioning of your body, keeping fit, healthy and destressing. If exercising is part of your daily routine, you may be tempted to work out even during a heatwave… but is it too hot to exercise at the moment? Express.co.uk reveals whether or not you should be working out in the heat and chatted to Women’s Fitness Specialist & Founder of MAMAWELL, Rosie Stockley (@mamawelluk on Instagram), to find out her top tips for exercising in the heat.

While the UK isn’t known for its sunny weather, there are 2,000 heat-related deaths every year on average in England alone.

The main risks posed by a heatwave are dehydration, overheating, and heat exhaustion or heat stroke, and the risk of all of these things are increased by exercise.

While the NHS site advises against exercise during the hottest parts of the day, you don’t have to completely stop working out when it’s hot.

If you choose to work out, there are a few simple rules to follow to keep you cool and hydrated while exercising.

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Drink up

Don’t let yourself get dehydrated in a heatwave, whether you’re working out or not.

Rosie said: “Keep your fluid intake high – this means sipping water regularly throughout the workout.

“Increase the amount of water you consume after your workout and keep it going throughout the day.

“If you notice you’re urinating less than usual you may be dehydrated.”

Pregnant and postnatal women in particular need to keep their fluids high, and if you’re breastfeeding you’re providing liquid for the baby as well as nourishing yourself, so you really need to double up on your water intake.

Rosie added: “Herbal teas are also great but be careful because too much caffeine is quite dehydrating.”

Take a break

Go easy on yourself! Your workout will be harder during hot weather, so don’t feel forced to keep going if you need a break.

Rosie said: “Take extra breaks in your workout if you feel yourself getting overheated or lightheaded, and maybe stop altogether if you feel dizzy.

“It can be quite quick to suddenly overheat, so watch out for symptoms through your workout.

“Pregnant women should always notice if they’re short of breath or dizzy, and it’s not advised to overheat the body at this time – so take extra care. Longer breaks and sub-maximal effort are advised.”


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