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Is it table service only at bars and restaurants from April 12?


Bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes and more will finally resume operation from April 12 as the Government’s second phase of the lockdown easing roadmap begins. Punters across the nation are eager to get out and enjoy all on offer, but it won’t be without its restrictions.

As most of us are aware, only businesses that can provide customers with outdoor seating which is in line with government guidelines will be able to serve customers to eat in.

This means those who have terraces or marquees outside their venues will need to make sure more than 50 percent of their outdoor seating is exposed to the great outdoors, among many other strict rules.

Those who don’t pass the correct criteria will, unfortunately, have to wait until May.

From rules regarding usage of the toilets and other facilities to staying seated to drink any alcohol, there’s a number of different rules and regulations in place for diners, too.

Will restaurants ask for proof of vaccination or any information when entering?

Proof of vaccination won’t be required as of yet, but it isn’t completely out of the question for Brits, as the idea is still being considered by officials.

A recent Government review stated proof of vaccination could potentially have a role to play in the hospitality sector.

In theory, individual pubs, restaurants and so on could choose for their customers to prove their vaccination status, but this is unlikely.

Diners will be required to all register their details via the NHS app, or a manual system for those who don’t have the app.

Previously, only the person who had made the reservation was obliged to scan the QR code but from April 2021, every single person over the age of 16 will need to.

However, accessing the outdoor seating area through an indoor area will be permitted, as will going indoors to use the toilet.

Will the 10pm curfew or the substantial meal rule still apply?

Nope, thankfully, they have been scrapped.

Any business will be allowed to stay open as long as they want and will be able to serve alcohol without a substantial meal.


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