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‘Irritated’ Piers Morgan asks fans for hope he’ll FINALLY be able to smell and taste again – 10 weeks after Covid battle


PIERS Morgan has issued a desperate plea after admitting he still cannot smell or taste anything 10 weeks after contracting coronavirus.

The star, 55, has asked fans for help in regaining his senses as he admits he is finding the loss of his senses “very irritating”.

Piers Morgan is hoping to find a cure for his loss of taste and smell
The double jabbed star is still experiencing ‘irritating’ symptoms of coronavirus

Double-jabbed Piers was struck down with Covid-19 more than two months ago and has battled with his taste and smell and fatigue ever since.

Admitting he is now fed up, Piers took to Twitter on Tuesday night and called out to fellow long Covid sufferers for their advice.

He asked: “Has anyone had long covid symptoms of fatigue & loss of taste/smell for 10 weeks or more and then fully recovered – if so, what did you do that helped get over it? It’s getting very irritating..”

The former Good Morning Britain star, who is joining The Sun and News Corp in a huge global deal, has been inundated with replies.

One lady suggested: “Had no joy with anything then tried a Chocolate Orange it’s probably a coincidence but the smell and taste triggered something.

“It was literally the first thing I could taste or smell. The improvement continued and I would say back to normal maybe a month later.”

Another follower told him: “I slammed 1.5ltr orange juice a day and went in 4 days.”

A third said: “I tried a lot of stuff but Mint sauce brought my taste back.”

And a fourth added: “Yes- got Covid in Nov ‘20 & my sense of smell & taste didn’t return for six months, until May.

“I did ‘scent therapy’ which helped enormously- basically alternating smelling strong & pleasant smells (lavender, lemon, pine, coffee), inhaling deeply & envisioning the smell.”

Piers seemed particularly delighted to hear from one man, who is set to run the London Marathon next month.

The chap told Piers: “Jan caught covid, was off my feet Feb and March but just slowly got out and about, fresh air and pushed a bit more each day.. I’m running the @LondonMarathon week on Sunday so something worked!”

Piers replied with a thumbs up emoji, saying: “Very encouraging – thanks.”


Last week, Piers tore into US music star Nikki Minaj and accused her of “spewing garbage” online about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Nikki claimed that the Covid jab had made her cousin’s friend impotent.

But The Sun’s new columnist and talkTV star – who backed our Jabs Army campaign for volunteers to help with the vaccine rollout – urged everyone to ignore such false claims.

Piers said: “The key message which The Sun has been brilliant at delivering is you have got to get jabbed.  

“The Jabs Army is so important. The rates of serious death if you have been vaccinated are negligible compared to if you are not vaccinated.

“I got jabbed so when I got Covid I got it a bit rough but that was it. I didn’t go to hospital and I didn’t die.”


Piers believes he caught Covid at Euro 2020 in July[/caption]

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