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Ireland teams up with Biden as huge warning sent to Boris – 'America has OUR backs!'


Despite the issues surrounding the protocol, the Irish government claimed it is confident the UK will back down over its decision on the amnesty on goods, thanks to the support of Mr Biden. One Irish government source insisted any internal pressure in Northern Ireland over the protocol will not be felt. The source also revealed the US still remains “an influential ally” as the EU and UK clash over the amnesty on goods moving to Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

The source told Politico: “We take heart from knowing that America ultimately has our back in these disputes.

“Irish America is still an influential ally.

“But it’s clear from our latest dialogue that President Biden appreciates the need to maintain space while legal and political arguments, principally between Britain and the European Commission but involving us as well, run their course.

“There’s no need to raise heat any further, not at this moment.”

Following a meeting between the Irish Taoiseach and Mr Biden, the two underlined the need to fully implement the measures set out in the Northern Ireland protocol.

Lord Frost made the move to extend the amnesty on goods moving between Northern Ireland and Great Britain in order to maintain trade.

The period was due to expire on April 1 but now products such as soil, chilled meats and agri-foods will now not require additional checks until October.

Due to this, the EU did launch legal proceedings against the UK, claiming Westminster had violated the terms agreed within the Brexit deal.

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“That means standing by what has been agreed and working together to make a success of it.”

Although the two stated the desire to fully implement the protocol, Mr Biden has insisted he is not taking sides over the spat between the EU and UK.

A statement from the US government said: “We view that as a trade issue to be resolved between the UK and the EU.

“We hope that both sides are able to return to the table and discuss the implementation of the agreement.”

Despite threats and warnings, the UK Government has claimed the measures taken were inadequate and within the agreement.

They have been supported by the DUP, with Arlene Foster claiming the protocol is now workable.

She added: “Not a single unionist party in Northern Ireland supports this unworkable protocol.


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