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Inside Top Gear's Stig car collection – Classic Porsche 997 Turbo is his 'dream car'


The former Stig said he has “waited for the price to fall” before purchasing the model which he “always wanted” to buy. Mr Collins said there was a “bit more feeling” in some of Porsche’s older cars, which he prefers to drive.

Speaking to DriveTribe, he said: “I have a Porsche 997 Turbo from 2006, the Gen 2 which is just a dream car, I always wanted to have it.

“I kept waiting for the price to fall and earn enough to get hold of one.

“It’s a manual transmission which they don’t really make anymore, now it’s all automatic.

“That era, there was a bit more feeling in those cars and I love the fact you can feel the weight transfer, It’s good fun.”

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Alongside the Porsche, Mr Collins also revealed his love for more “basic” cars such as his ex-Army Land Rover.

He said: “I’ve got a 98 Wolf Defender, Land Rover, ex-army thing.

“I love it because it’s just a sort of complete pig of a car.

“It’s so basic, it’s primal. It’s got no beeps, no bongs, it’s a great off-road car.

He added: “There are loads. I haven’t driven some of the tip-top hybrids.

“I’m pretty excited about getting some of those, some of the new electric cars that are coming online.

“I’m really fascinated with the new Corvette the way that’s going.

“So there are tons I want to get hold of and hopefully we will have a chance to do that pretty soon.”


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