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Inside the old grain silo bought for £1 which is now a beautiful home

A couple have revealed how they converted an old grain silo bought for £1 into their dream home. Artist Bob Campbell and his partner Carol Ann came across the structure on eBay, bought it and installed the silo at the bottom of their garden in Derbyshire.

Bob told Living Big in a Tiny House he was scrolling the site looking for a project after a few beers when he came across what would become his and Carol Ann’s home of five and a half years.

The couple have transformed the space, which is four metres tall and four metres in diameter, into a home, complete with lounge, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Carol Ann said: “It’s been a brilliant five years of living in nature. We could be anywhere, with the birds and nature around us.”

A sculptor and furniture designer, Bob explained how the structure was laid on a concrete foundation and a roof built on top.

Inside, the cylindrical home uses reclaimed timbers to soften the metal, with a lot of the interior made up of materials Bob found.

The couple’s fireplace was made by Bob out of an old gas bottle, with their sofa combining the back seat of an old VW Beetle with a series of chains.

For a dining table, Bob took an old saw blade and set it in concrete with the theme of the chain carried through to the middle of the circular surface.

To insulate their turret-like home, Bob used recycled plastic, installing a vapour barrier around the ceiling.

The kitchen has mod cons, including an oven, hob, and 130-year-old sink given to the couple by a neighbour.

Above the lounge is an open level where the couple sleep with access from a ladder which can be stowed away when not in use.

Bob and Carol Ann’s bathroom has a shower cubicle, sink and composting toilet. Light comes through a porthole shaped window which Bob glazed with glass from the door of a washing machine.

The couple said the best way to describe the place was “cosy”, with Bob adding: “It’s been absolutely fantastic.”

Carol Ann admitted it took a while to get used to living in the old silo but enjoyed waking up surrounded by the couple’s garden, which features Bob’s artwork, a pond, and planting.

They estimated having spent a total of £4,000 to transform the old silo into their home but hinted they may be on the move again.

Asked what their next project would be, they explained their plan is to eventually move back into the main house and possibly rent out the silo home on AirBnB.


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