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Inside the £788million mega-yacht that comes with detachable airship

A £788million ($1billion) mega-yacht comes with a detachable airship.

The Colossea is the brainchild of Italian design studio Lazzarini. The 699 ft-long design pays homage to the N1 airship, later renamed Norge, that completed the first journey to the North Pole in 1926.

Colossea features an airship that can set off on adventures independent from the main yacht structure.

When the captain decides it’s time for flight, the yacht follows the procedures to unlock the electromagnetic blocks that keep the airship mounted and unhook the winches to release the airship’s lift. The aircraft, which boasts a 10,000 kg payload capacity, can accommodate up to 24 passengers, plus ten crew members.

The yacht offers 22 guest suites and multiple deck with pools on the rear part for a total load capacity up to 44 guests and 20 crew members.

Lazzarini say: “On the Colossea yacht, the airship reimagines its iconic design with the materials and technologies of today, proposing the same measurements ofthe 1924’s model with upgraded materials, layout and propulsion.”

“The Colossea mega-yacht is an itinerant floating docking station for the detachable airship.

“Colossea is a concept design, but the estimated cost for the real construction is about $1B.”

The Norge was a semi-rigid Italian-built airship that was also the first aircraft to fly over the polar ice cap between Europe and America.


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