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Inside Adele’s £7.5million home: Singer shows off huge kitchen and ‘very English’ garden


The Easy On Me singer opened her mansion doors to take part in Vogue’s 73 questions series, where celebrities answer various different questions while in the comfort of their homes.

Complete with teal cupboards, the kitchen featured a massive marble island with a stove on the top.

The cupboards had gold handles and the countertops were kept super clean and tidy.

Adele’s breakfast bar had three wooden chairs and some of the cupboards featured glass, showing off the crockery which was inside.

As the tour of the £7million mansion continued, Joe panned around to the other side of the kitchen which showed off comfortable sofas, bookcases, along with a cosy fireplace.

Leading the host into the garden, the singer explained: “It’s lovely out here, it’s very English.”

It featured lots of greenery along with an outdoor seating area, complete with a rattan set and teal cushions.

Viewers were also treated to a glimpse of a huge outdoor pool and a play area for her son, Angelo.

The tour continued downstairs of Adele’s home which showed a lot of plants, natural light and homely touches such as rugs and candles.

Heading back into the kitchen, the singer sat down at her luxurious dining table which featured high back wicker chairs.

It is also thought that the property boasts a spa area and a basketball court.

Adele’s LA mansion is just one of the singer’s incredible properties, with her owning two others on the same street.

Her neighbours include celebrities like Katy Perry, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lawrence.

She also owns homes in the UK, with an estimated £140million worth of property in her name.

In the video with Vogue, Adele revealed that the biggest risk she’s taken was leaving her marriage and that her favourite songs included Someone Like You and When We Were Young.

For the full American Vogue cover story, go to Vogue.com. American Vogue’s November issue is available on newsstands 10/19.

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