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Insane footage shows humongous sinkhole swallowing two cars whole

If we thought potholes were something to complain about in the UK, then spare a thought for these Italian motorists.

In the early hours of Thursday morning (March 28) a terrifying sinkhole opened up in a carpark in Quadraro, Rome.

Two parked cars were swallowed up by the giant chasm in the Tarmac, which is an astonishing 10 metres deep and 10 metres wide according to reports.

Police and firefighters closed off the street – Via Sestio Menas – after the road broke open at around 1am, according to sources.

Thankfully officers say there was nobody injured in the incident and it’s not known what caused it to occur.

The vehicles – a Dacia and a Renault – were removed from the hole and the area remained cordoned off on Thursday morning.

It’s also been reported that vehicles were retrieved using a crane and one source on social media said that as a precautionary measure an apartment building on Via Attilio Labeone in the vicinity was evacuated.

Stunned people who have seen the footage took to social media to express their shock.

One posted on X, formerly known as Twitter: “The sinkhole must have been hungry for some Italian cars!

“Thankfully, no one was hurt in this bizarre incident.

“Let’s hope the sinkhole doesn’t develop a taste for more vehicles in the future!”

It’s not the first time such an incident has happened in the famous city.

In 2018 a sinkhole opened up in the middle of a busy street which plunged a terrified elderly woman two metres below the road.

Emergency services scrambled to the street in Catania, in the Piazza Bologna, to rescue the injured woman.

In yet another incident later that same year yet another gaping sinkhole opened up in the capital city.

Shocking images showed curious onlookers peering into the gigantic sinkhole which swallowed up to eight cars.


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