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Inheritance tax warning: Wills shouldn't be 'overloaded' – what should you leave out?


Recent research from the Openwork Partnership found children and grandchildren are set to inherit nearly £300billion over the coming years.

Fortunately, ZEDRA, the international provider of Global Expansion, Active Wealth and Fund solutions, detailed there is evidence that younger generations are taking their estate planning very seriously, with many of their clients aged in their thirties and forties creating Wills at certain life events such as marriage.

However, Charlotte Isherwood, a Wills and Probate Solicitor at ZEDRA, warned older generations may be struggling with Will management.

She said: “While we’re seeing younger generations understand the importance of creating Wills, it seems that some women, particularly amongst the older generation, appear a little bit more reserved when it comes to getting their affairs in order.

“Most young women today work and are involved with looking after their finances from an early age.

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