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Infuriating motorway driving error which could see drivers get three points and £100 fine

With the summer months approaching and more motorists planning to take long journeys to go on holidays and see loved ones, many drivers are getting ready to spend a few hours on the UK’s motorway network.

However, when travelling on motorways, one of the most common bugbears is other road users who travel unnecessarily in the middle or fast lane.

Damian Maginn, director of the campervan conversion firm Wessex Vans, suggested that staying in the middle lane for too long can lead to consequences.

He explained: “A law introduced in 2013 means that hogging the middle lane is now considered careless driving and can even land you in trouble with the police.

“While the middle lane exists for overtaking slower vehicles, it’s not meant to be a permanent residence, and people should get back to the left-hand side when they’re no longer overtaking.”

According to the Highway Code, drivers should always stick to the left-hand lane when travelling along an unobstructed motorway.

When overtaking a slow-moving vehicle, drivers should move into a lane to the right when it is safe to do so and move back into the left-hand lane once it is clear.

On smart motorways, this may mean that drivers should travel in the hard shoulder, with overhead signs stating whether it is being used as a live lane.

Many drivers who hog the middle lane of a motorway state that it makes travelling at the speed limit much easier, removing the need to repeatedly change lanes to overtake slower vehicles such as lorries and coaches.

However, lane hoggers who travel under the speed limit can help to create congestion, with motorists typically needing to cross two lanes in order to overtake.

The practice may also lead to other drivers breaking the law, with the process of undertaking, passing a vehicle in a lane to the right, also illegal.

According to the Highway Code, there are very few viable excuses for drivers who hog the middle lane of a motorway, with the process considered as careless driving.

As a result, motorists caught driving unnecessarily in the middle lane can be issued a £100 fine and receive three penalty points on their licence.

Whilst this means that previous offenders run the risk of getting their driving licence revoked, it will likely cause car insurance prices to increase for all offenders.


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