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India farmer protest: India condemns MP protest debate – why are Indian farmers so angry?


The statement added: “All issues raised are the remit of well-established independent democratic institutions in India for addressing the same.

“It is also a matter of concern that, once again, comments were made to mislead the British Indian community, raising doubts about treatment of minorities in India, alleged human rights violations in Kashmir etc”.

The debate was held in response to a petition which gained more than 100,000 signatures.

Around 20 MPs attended the debate with many supporting the motion such as Labour MP and former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

On Monday, Mr Corbyn tweeted: “Thousands of Indian farmers are protesting due to the stress & pressures of globalisation. Their message was heard loud & clear in parliament via a (petition) debate signed by 100,000 people. We salute the farmers and the journalists who endanger their lives carrying their message.”

The comments came as Britain and India are in the process of arranging a meeting between Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Narendra Modi.

Mr Modi is due to attend the G7 summit in London this June.


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