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‘Incredibly arrogant’ EU must recognise UK independence after Frost replacement warning


A European Commissioner said on Sunday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s refusal to compromise on Brexit was “untenable” and called on him not to let Conservative Party “machinations” determine his replacement for Brexit minister David Frost. EU Financial Services Commissioner Mairead McGuinness, Ireland’s appointment to the European Commission, said she hoped the Omicron variant of COVID-19 and other big issues would help nudge Britain to reciprocate on concessions made by Brussels.

Venting his anger at foreign interference to UK decisions, former UKIP leader Henry Bolton took to Twitter over the affair.

He said: “These people have such incredible arrogance.”

The former soldier and police officer then added: “The EU is a legal and political union and we respect that. But they need to damn well recognise and respect that we are an independent and sovereign Nation-State.”

In a stark warning, he ended: “We rule ourselves. End of.”

Many backed Mr Bolton in his Twitter feed.

Penelope Bovey said: “An example of why many Brits wanted out of the EU.”

And Michele-Anne Bruchet said: “As if the UK was still under the supervision of Brussels.”

‘YonderVengeance’ also joined the debate by saying: “I just hope LizT lights a fire under the lot of them and does not sell out NI and fishing. We should be free of EU court.”

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However, one Twitter user replied to Mr Bolton with a reminder of Mr Truss’ past.

Richard posted a Tweet with a quote from Ms Truss back in 2016.

He said “Liz Truss is the new Brexit Minister,” followed by a picture of Ms Truss next to her quote, saying: “I don’t want my daughters to grow up in a world where they need a visa or permit to work in Europe.”

Her quote continued: “Every parent wants their children to grow up in a healthy environment with clean water, fresh air and thriving natural wonders.”

She ended: “Being part of the EU helps protect these precious resources and spaces.”

Foreign Secretary Ms Truss is now tasked with dealing with Brussels after Lord Frost, the Brexit minister, quit his role citing concerns about the Tory party’s direction of travel.

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Lord Frost’s exit came just days after a major climbdown by the UK on the role of the European Court of Justice in Northern Ireland, following ongoing disputes with the bloc over the protocol.

During the Brexit referendum campaign, Ms Truss said she was backing remain “as I believe it is in Britain’s economic interest and means we can focus on vital economic and social reform at home”.

In a May 2016 speech to the Food and Drink Federation, she warned delegates that voting to leave the EU would have a negative interest on the hospitality industry – as well as the wider economy – and ultimately make Britons poorer.

She said: “I do think it’s in all of our interests to communicate the real impact on the ground; the real impact this would have on jobs, livelihoods because what we now see less trade would mean fewer investments, it would mean fewer jobs and that would feed through to people’s incomes.”

The following month Ms Truss tweeted that “Leave cannot name one country we would get a better trade deal with if we left the EU,” as both sides put forward their economic arguments ahead of the 23 June vote.

After getting appointed as chief secretary to the Treasury by Mr Cameron’s successor Theresa May, Ms Truss then changed her stance on Brexit and, in October 2017, said she had “also seen the opportunities” of the process as she outlined her support for it.

On her change of stance, Ms Truss said: “I believed there would be massive economic problems but those haven’t come to pass and I’ve also seen the opportunities.”

Further explaining why she had “changed her mind” on Brexit, Ms Truss added: “The other thing is it was a big moment on June 23 when British people voted to leave and it was an expression about what kind of country we wanted to be and I think that has changed the debate in this country as well.”

Ms Truss, seen as one of the favourites to replace the Prime Minister should Tory MPs oust him from No 10, previously served as international trade secretary and is perceived as having made a success of the role.

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