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'I'm talking – just listen to me!' Judge Rinder shouts at claimant after rude interruption


“No Sir,” he said and Francesco jumped in: “Well, I can call all my neighbours and see who it was that was screaming? Myself.” 

“He’s gone – good riddance. However, you are very cross,” Judge Rinder commented. “You’re cross because you’ve got broken tiles, you’re crossed because it hasn’t been laid to a satisfactory standard and that would be the end of the matter as far as your legal case is concerned.

“However, three days later there were some fire doors being fitted in the building and you got a knock at the door – why were they knocking at your door Francesco?” 

“When they were removing the frame on the top of the door, they broke the gas pipe,” he said. “I called British Gas, they came and they closed the gas and changed the pipe on the top of the door. 


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