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'I'm size 26 and always get judged – but there's a major travel perk for plus-size people'

A plus-sized woman has shared a unique travel advantage she’s discovered due to her size.

Victoria Voos, a size 26 globetrotter, enjoys exploring new destinations and sharing her experiences with her 49,000 online followers. However, the 33 year old admits that travelling, particularly flying, can sometimes be ‘uncomfortable’ due to her size.

“I can’t do anything about people judging me, but I can do something about being as comfortable as possible,” said Victoria, who works as a social media and marketing manager. To ensure her comfort, she always checks in advance whether her needs can be accommodated.

Before making a reservation, she contacts restaurants to confirm they have chairs without armrests, and only books hotels with bathtubs large enough for her. “Sometimes, I do have to ask for accommodations, and if those aren’t available, I just find something else,” she added.

She believes it all boils down to self-advocacy and confidence, which may require some practice. “In a way, it comes down to a level of confidence with self-advocacy, which can take some practice. I think everyone deserves to sit comfortably, and what’s the harm in asking for a different chair if you need it? “, reports the Mirror.

Hailing from California, US, Victoria often travels with her husband Corey. She revealed that they sometimes share a third plane seat to make their journey more comfortable, a ‘great solution’ for keeping costs down on international flights.

However, she has also found an airline that offers free extra seats to those who need them (if the plane isn’t fully booked). This is a ‘win-win’ for Victoria, as most airlines charge passengers double to have two seats on board, and tend to only provide a seatbelt extender for comfort.

“When you travel with Southwest as a ‘customer of size’ you get an extra seat for free for your comfort and safety,” she explained. “Not to mention the comfort and safety of the person who would have been sitting next to you. It’s a win-win! “.

Victoria hopes her candid experiences will help other people ‘make the most of their time travelling’. She says it can be ‘tough’ existing in a larger body and that the world can be ‘limiting’ if you give into ‘the fear or negative self-talk’ about being plus-sized.


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