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I’m horrified by the made-up name my friend is giving her baby – it sounds like a sex toy but she doesn’t get it


BABY names are completely subjective – chances are not everyone is going to like your favourite moniker.

And while some parents opt for traditional names, others favour those that are a little more unusual.


An anonymous woman, from the UK, took to Reddit and expressed her horror after hearing the name her friend is hoping to call her baby. Pictured, stock image[/caption]

One anonymous woman, who is from the UK, told how her friend opted for the latter – and decided to combine two different names together to get her dream moniker.

But unfortunately, she failed to realise that it sounded like a sex toy.

Taking to Reddit, the friend wrote: “A friend of mine is expecting her firstborn. If a boy, she wants to call him Wildo.”

I know it’s not as bad as some on here but still.”



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Apparently it’s a combination of the names of her two grandfathers, William and Donald.”

“I have suggested she pick one of the names as a first name and the other as a middle name (both gentlemen have passed away), or at least pick something else as the first name and use Wildo as the middle name.”

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“But apparently the middle name slot is taken up by the name of her partner’s father (John), and two middle names is ‘gross’ apparently.”

“Let us all pray for a girl!”

And it wasn’t long before social media users took to the comments section to offer their verdict – and they didn’t hold back.

“Not wildo – literally any other combination of the names would be less horrible, but no, she has to go with the dildo one,” one person quipped.

A second penned: I didn’t think of suggesting alternative ways of combining… Wildon would be marginally better?”

A third commented: “Wildebeast? Wildo the dildo is just awful. It’s all awful. That poor kid.”

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Meanwhile, a further wrote: “Right? Don’t sell it short, Wildo is definitely as bad as any other name on here.”

A further agreed: “That boy will get called Willy or Dildo his whole life and I feel sorry for him. Maybe point that out to her and she’ll change her mind.”

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