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I’m a traveller & I’m sick of being called dirty when EVERY non-traveller caravan is covered in disgusting filth


A TRAVELLER has hit back at trolls who called her dirty – arguing that non-traveller caravans are by far the filthiest she’s seen.

TikTok user Jade shared a video of the caravan she’d purchased off a non-traveller, documenting as she thoroughly scrubbed every inch of it.


Traveller Jade is sick of being called dirty[/caption]


She shared a video of the “filthy” caravan she purchased off a non-traveller[/caption]


She revealed how she had to clean it from top to bottom[/caption]

Captioning the video she wrote: “When you buy from none travellers (sic) but they call us dirty p***ys, oh the irony.”

In the clip, which has since received over a million views, Jade can be seen tackling the grimey surfaces, caked-on dirt and grotty window sills.

Jade can often be seen sharing videos of her spotlessly clean caravan, posting TikToks of her polishing them from top to bottom.

And Jade has got her cleaning regime down to a fine art, revealing to followers that she keeps on top of her home, meaning it takes her just an hour to get it pristine.

And her cleaning skills have not gone unnoticed by her followers, who have been quick to praise her spotless home.

Commenting on her page, one wrote: “Do you do this every day?! It looks lush!”

“Immaculate,” agreed another, while a third added, “I would love to learn to clean the way you do.”

In other news, this traveller has hit back at people ‘in council houses’ insulting her.

And this 18-year-old traveller is married, living in a caravan stuffed full of clothes.

Plus we shared how a traveller mum throws daughter, 10, a party so she can meet a husband – and is fine with her getting pregnant at 14 too.

She often shares snaps of her own pristine home
She revealed she spends an hour a day cleaning

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