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I’m a teacher and we hear some very ‘unique’ names – one family had four kids and I will never forget any of them


A TEACHER has revealed the most unique names she’s ever had in her classroom – and they were all brothers and sisters.

McKenzie Marlar took to TikTok to do a stitch with Dr Carlton, who asked “tell me the most unfortunate name you’ve ever heard”.



Being a teacher McKenzie had heard plenty of strange names in her time, but none stranger than one group of siblings.

Speaking in the video, she said: “I had a student named Yohandsome and (his brother was) Sincere and their little sister was named Godsent and their little brother was named Finest.

“I’m not saying these are bad names, they’re very unique and I will remember them forever.

“But those are the most unique names I have ever come across in my classroom”

The video has since received over 10,000 views, and while McKenzie may not have a problem with the names, others certainly did with viewers left baffled by the names.

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