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I’m a stylist – why long denim shorts are a VERY hard look to pull off and the ones to make your legs look slimmer


THERE’S another heatwave fast approaching.

So for many of us, that means digging our summer clothes out of storage ready for the sunshine.


Melissa Murrell showed how above the knee denim shorts are an “incredibly hard” look to pull off[/caption]


When she rolled one leg of the shorts up, her legs looked longer, but it still wasn’t a flattering look[/caption]


Instead, choosing a short that has some “volume” in it can make your legs look slimmer[/caption]

But if your summer wardrobe includes a pair of above the knee denim shorts, you might want to quickly put them back away.

According to personal stylist Melissa Murrell, the only people who can pull the “incredibly hard” look off are those with “very long, slender legs” .

It’s also important to choose the right top to go with them, as Melissa demonstrated by pairing hers with an old-fashioned shirt in a video on YouTube.

She then showed how she would make the look better – by rolling the shorts up to the mid-thigh, and thereby making her legs look longer.

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However, she still wasn’t a fan of them, as she explained: “When people wear denim shorts that are really tight against the leg, that’s going to make your legs look rather chunky and not so slender.”

And while it might not seem like the best option to make your legs look slimmer, the way to get around it is actually to choose a pair of shorts with some volume in them.

“The leg actually looks slimmer because you’ve got more volume,” she added.

Melissa then swapped the denim shorts and shirt for a more voluminous pair of cream silk shorts, which she paired with a similarly coloured shirt and cream and tan accessories.

“I like pairing them with a coord set, teamed with some really lovely accessories, but all of the added accessories – the  belt from Zara – the handbag, all helps to break up this coordinated outfit but also brings it together to make it a more stylish look,” she said.

Elsewhere in her video, Melissa discussed the importance of the right shoe choice.

She explained that sometimes her clients aren’t quite with the times, and pair a white shirt and jeans with a workout trainer, or another type of shoe that doesn’t quite go.

Melissa demonstrated what she meant by pairing beige cropped trousers and a white fitted shirt with a pair of round-toed black shoes.

“Firstly the shirt is far too tight, it’s dated, it looks washed out,” she began.

“Secondly the trousers are very dated, they’re cutting me at my widest point, and the shoes are far too dark for a summer outfit, as well as being round-toed, which is going to make my legs look a lot shorter.

“All in all a really bad look.”

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Instead, she swapped the trousers for a pair of beige flared jeans, and went for a more oversized linen white shirt.

She also got rid of the round-toed shoes and swapped them for a pair of cream sliders – making a much more stylish look all together.


Melissa also showed how these beige cropped trousers did little for her figure, while the beige flares were much more flattering[/caption]

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