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I’m a pelvic-floor therapist and these 4 stretches will banish period pains fast


PERIOD pains can be uncomfortable and leave you clutching a hot water bottle for hours on end.

Everyone experiences different symptoms when Aunt Flo comes knocking, with many not wanting to get out of bed.


Pelvic floor therapist Dr Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas has revealed the stretches for period cramps that you need to know[/caption]


The first exercise she said you need to know is the child’s pose – which is a classic yoga move[/caption]


Another pose she said will help alleviate pain is pushing your legs up against the wall[/caption]

But one expert has actually said that some gentle exercises could help to alleviate the pain.

Pelvic floor therapist Dr Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas revealed some of her ‘go to’ moves to help with a heavy flow.

During your period, your uterus contracts to help expel the lining.

Substances such as prostaglandins and inflammation trigger the uterine muscle which prompt contractions – which is why you feel pain.

Higher levels of prostaglandins are usually present in people who suffer more severe period pains.

Posting to TikTok Dr Jeffrey-Thomas revealed the four stretches you should be including into your routine.


The first she said, is the child’s pose.

This is a classic yoga pose which is used to stretch the hips, thighs and ankles.

Dr Jeffrey-Thomas said that you should hold each of the following poses for one minute.

To do the child’s pose you need to sit on your knees and then put all your weight forward with your arms stretched out.

“Inhale for five seconds, letting the lower abdomen inflate like you swallowed a beach ball and then exhale for five to seven seconds”, she said you should use this breathing technique for each exercise.


The second stretch is the pigeon and the easiest way to do this is to come into a plank position, with your hands sitting under your shoulders.

Then extend one leg forward and lower the outside of the knee to the floor.

If you are a little more flexible then you can rest your torso on the ground in front of you.


Next up is some ‘cat cow stretches’ and spinal circles.

To do this you need to be on all fours and slowly round your back – almost like a cat that has been shocked.

Then reverse and push your torso to the floor. You can also create spinal circles while moving your back in this position.


Lastly, Dr Jeffrey-Thomas said you should try the ‘legs on the wall’ position.

To do this you need to sit with your body away from the wall and lift your legs up so they are resting on it.

Her half a million TikTok followers praised her tips with some saying they would try the technique on their next period.


She said that the pigeon pose would also help drive away those nasty pains[/caption]


One other move that you could try, she highlighted, it cat cow and spinal circles[/caption]

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